RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW COSMETIC FORMULATION is a magical process that requires inspiration for the selection of the most appropriate and innovative active ingredients and demands experience for the “building of the architecture” of the formula. The result should be a stable, effective and pleasant cosmetic product for the final consumer.

The continuous observation of the market and persistent updating of the most recent developments in cosmetology ( with our participation in international exhibitions and educational seminars), provide us with the knowledge to create innovative formulations that match perfectly our clients’ needs.

  • Stability Test
This Test ensures the stability of the product in its packaging during the time that lies in the shelf during its life. Any kind of instability of the product could be crucial for its quality and/or efficacy

FullBeauty offers Long Term and Short Term Stability Tests along with packaging compatibility test

  • Safety Test & Efficacy Test
Our cooperation with independent laboratories provides our clients with challenge test, patch test or other safety tests and efficacy tests if required.

  • 1st Production Scale up
The different scale between lab sample and first industrial productions usually requires some adjustments. We are present in the 1st industrial production of the new product in order to assure the proper manufacturing procedure.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION FILE (According to European Legislation)
  • Specifications, MSDS & Τοxicological Data of each Raw Material
  • Safety Assessment
  • Efficacy Assessment
  • Challenge Test (in cooperation with independent labs)
  • Patch Test or other Safety Tests (in cooperation with independent labs)
  • Efficacy Test(in cooperation with independent labs)

  • Ingredients
  • Claims Substantiation
  • Label examination for legal compliance

  • Μarketing Concept Ideas for new product Lines
  • Marketing Presentations for sales teams.